Last day of January 2018 & Birthday Month

WOW i can not believe this month is finally over. Its been a very long stretch. Ok successes for the month:

  1. Finally collected my daughters unabridged certificate, its been a 11 month long wait
  2. I am a half way through book 1 of 12 ….. tjo its a struggle i wont lie, after work I just want to wrap myself up in a blanket and sleep
  3. My blogging consistency is improving, even though content is a struggle

The blogging space I am in is exposing my lack of writing skills. Its not easy but i will soldier on, practice makes perfect right. This week I am looking forward to the first school social at my daughters school, we are both super excited.

Well that is it for this blog, there’s more to come. Super excited !!!! I will not give the negatives shine this time around. Focusing of being positive and celebrating the wins 🙂

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