My 4 favourite items – Valentines Week 2018

Valentines 2018 has been so much fun. I rarely celebrate the day but this year, I could not run away from the festivities.

My favourite items from this week are:

  1. This orange nail polish I got from Discherm as a bargain price of R10 !!!! I got two I love,love bargains. Its called Passion Nail Lacquer, its a new brand for me.Pic 2
  2. Storage Box from Mr Price, this is perfect as storage for all my nail polishes and accessories. Love,love,love it especially the bargain price, got it on sale at R59.99
  3. I fell hard for these expensive Claire’s Faux Stiletto Nails, from Clicks. I think these nails are pricey, at R 160.00 and all you get is 24 pieces. I can’t wait to try them on in 3 weeks. I just did my nails last week and I do not waste anything. Pic 5
  4. Bantu Holomisa – The Game Changer, I took this book from my Mom, so my quest for all things thrifty continues. This is my book 2 of 12 for 2018. I am thoroughly enjoying and will post a review when I am done with it.Pic 3

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