Curly Hair Wig – Care Routine

I am falling in-love with my curly wig. I have found that, with the hair care routine I use, the love grows more and more. I am going to share my hair care process with you.

Taking care of curly wig 1
Curly Wig Care – Essentials

I do this process on my study desk and the below items:

  1. Dry towel – This I lay on the desk, to protect it from product and water damage
  2. A spray bottle filled with clean water
  3. A wide edged comb
  4. Curl defining combing cream – I use the Not your Mothers Naturals Curl Defining combing cream – I get it from Clicks and it retails for R 189.00 for a 236 ml bottle

My process is a follows:

  • I gently comb the wig ( I try to avoid shredding as much as I can) , I make sure that I remove all the knots.
  • Once I’m done with the combing, I spray the hair with the water. I just make sure the hair is medium wet
  • The i apply evenly the combing cream, on the wig
  • I then leave the hair out to air – dry overnight
Taking care of curly wig 3
The amount of shredding, this wig stresses me out when it does this

I normally do this process in the evening, so I just put the hair on its stand. In the morning I just comb it lightly and I am good to go with my popping curls 🙂

Taking care of curly wig 2

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