Games Day Fun – Mother and & Daughter Fun

One of my favourite things on this earth is being a parent and a mother. This week I had the pleasure of joining my daughter at her school, for the annual Children’s Day. Im those moms that love helping  out at school,so I am part of the PTA team. This year I am not as active as I used to be, in past years, which breaks my heart but I’m blessed to have these moments.

I introduce to you, my source of joy and all things lovely, filled with honey custard,choc-crispness. Her name is Sisipho ( She is a Gift) Yakhanathi ( Unite/Build Us) aka Ms Muffin.

Games Day 2018 - 2

We had lots of fun and its super fun connecting with your inner child and just chilling with your 10 year old MuffinGames Day 2018 - 8.jpg

This picture overwhelms me, with a sense of appreciation for:

  • the blessings of good health, to be able to play and have fun with my daughter,
  • the blessing of time, to be able to have to the time to be there for her
  • the blessing of the space we are at, the relationship we share

Parenting has not been an easy journey. I am truly grateful for the gift, that I have been given and I strive everyday, every minute to grow,support,nurture this beautiful flower. I am raising a beautiful queen, power boss lady and I am truly blessed

Love you MaMfene, Heath aka MaForest …Kiss Kiss

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