Superbalist/VOOV Winner – Second Online Shopping Experience

March 2018 has been a hectic month, a roller coaster ride of note.  In all the mayham that was, the month of  March 2018, I won a R600.00 Superbalist Voucher on the VOOV #OOTD (OutfitOfTheDay) Competition!!!.  VOOV is a live streaming app, which was launched in South Africa in September 2017. I will blog about the app later, but for now you can learn more about the app, by  download it. It’s free on Apple app store and google play store and you can follow me @Unsta. On this post I want to share my second, online shopping experience and my excitement on winning the R600, Superbalist voucher.


  • SA Based Company, Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Its Parent Company is Take a Lot
  • Founded in 2010
  • It is a lifestyle brand, does not just offer clothing solutions


  • Similarities – Tracking Order
    • Order date – 27 March 2017
    • Delivery date – 4 April 2017
    • Number of days – I’m sure it would have arrived sooner, we had a 3 day Easter holiday
  • No Export Duty Tax


  • The app is available on the apple app store, it’s a free app
  • R250 off from your first purchase – minimum spend of R600 !!! Tjo !!
  • So I had a total of R850 to spend
  • Delivery is free for items over R350
  • Supporting local brands, stimulation the economy
  • They have so much to offer, the cater for:
    • Women –
      • Bags
      • Shoes
      • Swimwear
      • Accessories
    • Men
      • Shoes
      • Swimwear
      • Accessories
    • Kids
      • Baby & Toddler Wear – For Boys and Girls
      • Teenage Rage – For Boys and Girls
    • Home & Décor
      • Bedding and Bath
      • Art and Décor
      • Sport and Tech
      • Kitchen
      • Furniture and Lighting
    • Plus Size Range
      • Which looks super sexy and fresh – FOR WOMEN
      • Its quiet interesting that, I have never seen a range for plus size men. Is there such ??



I need to start off by stating that, I am new to online shopping. I am still very much attached to the in-store,touch and feel/fit, shopping experience. I am a big girl (plus size),so I want to fit and check, if the item/material sits and fits my body correctly.

Ok let me start with the shoes

They have fit finder to help with sizes, the drop down list available lists UK sizes. This is were my anxiety started. I had to  rumble through my shoe boxes to find out,what my size is and I am a size 6 or 7.

Womens Foot Wear Size

Right , so options for people like me(newbie online shoppers), depending on what option you are shopping with are:

  1. APP – to click on size finder tab on the app. This opens up a window, with UK,EU,US and foot length sizes. Anxiety levels still very high, like I do not know, how long my foot is, in millimeters.  I missed the class in primary, when measurements were covered, I was sick that week, I’m sure. Up until this shopping experience I never knew how much, I don’t know about myself and my body !! So my rumble through the shoe boxes helped. I had a pair of shoes from ALDO and I am between US size 8 and 9, which is size 6 and 7 UK sizes. So now I know !!
  2. ONLINE – FitFinder – Wow this felt like an exam !!! It was a serious get to know your foot exam. So I gave that a skip !!

I wish they had like an option nje, there that says SA sizes. I did not see or feel that this brand is a South African brand until, I did my research.


Over to dresses, at this point, I am not keen. The fact that, they have a plus size range for women pushed me. I wonder will there ever be a plus size range for men ??!! Is there such ?? Please,do comment and let me know.

Bra Size

WOW this was theee ! most anxiety inducing experience. Questions range from weight (I know how much I weigh, I just don’t like putting out there), my height in centimeters, belly size range,age !!! Bra size!! etc. It was a lot for me and I gave up on the clothing shopping. I was not ready, it was a lot for me. The size options/questions are different on the app and online shopping. I bought a bag !!! I got this gorgeous,Bemma Steve Madden Rock Star Handbag

Superbalist - Steve Madden Bag


Not so convenient, not easily accessible Convenient, easily accessible
Easy Access to account details and order tracking
I enjoyed the picture clarity and view on the laptop more
Download and save invoices


I did not delete and will not delete this app, like I did with Allie Express. Supporting local projects, is one of my 2018 goals. I only recognized 2 local brands out of the 47 brands offered. I only recognized 2 local brands out of the 47 brands offered though. Maybe I need to brush up on my local fashion brands knowledge, I don’t know??! I doubt I will ever go full on, online shopping. The whole process of fitting, touch, feeling and maybe even meeting the designer is my definition of, a satisfying shopping experience.

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