2020 This is the year

Wow a whole year off the radar, 2019 was a miserable year but I honestly believe I needed the rough and tough lesson that 2019 was. I started the year off on a very miserable footing. No goals were set, no review was done, I just winged it. I have now learnt, this is not the way to go. So 2019 was a bust to some extent but looking at my 2018 list, I did achieve some wins from my 2018 list:

  1. Publish a blog – Done / Achieved
  2. Improve my health, work out consistently and eat healthly – Done/ Currently on the Gold Status on Vitality
  3. Graduate – Honours in Business Management – Done – Graduated April 2019
  4. Travel more with my beautiful Daughter Sisipho – Nope – 0 Travelling done 😦
  5. Vlogging camera – Nope decided to go for a new laptop instead – achieved January 2020
  6. Mac PC –  Wow these thing are super expensive, went for a MacBook Air. It was a 40th Birthday present 🙂
  7. GG Marmont Wallet, this is actually a Birthday Wishlist. I am New Years Baby. This also has not come into fruition and I adding it to my 2020 Wish list2018 Goals - Gucci Wallet2020 WishList I think this will have its own special blog. I have 20 item long list for the year.

Welcome back to my space, hope you enjoyed my attempt at writting. Please comment, share and follow …kiss kiss

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