Olivewood Estate – Valentines weekend getaway

I knew this years valentines week, February 2020 was going to be special. Olivewood’s Estate Golf Club is without a doubt the perfect getaway spot for both couples and solo outtings. The drive from East London via N2 takes a good 30 minutes but via old Gonubie road, it is longer and has a high possibility of getting lost ( we actually did, took us a whole hour to get there)

This was extremely frustrating as the network in this area is terrible, so calls to the Club for guidance were fruitless. Thank goodness East London is such a friendly space, we literally drove into a strangers yard and asked for directions …WoWza !!!

The scenery driving to and from East London to Chintsa is amazing and tarred !! So you can drive any type of car with ease.

Things that I did not love, first:

Network Coverage – WoW…. wifi is free but a struggle to keep it going for one to do anything much. You get a voucher to log in but the minute you leave the lounge/bar area….its hello/bye and you are on your own

But you need to take note of the envelope you receive when you check in, that has log in details, but ….network is challenge

Loadshedding !!!! – OMG this is without a doubt the worst thing but good. What annoyed me the most about it, was the lack of communication from Management. General checking up, notification of times and how to use the lamp would have been lovely.

Ooh they do not have gowns and slippers

The security guard checked for alcohol on our way in, not sure what that is about. So if you are thinking of going, I would recommend you enquire before check -in.

Things that I loved !!!!

The rooms are so spacious and the decor is impeccable !!. Loved the make up mirror and how it was not attached to the wall. I did my face beat outside, looking at thee … most amazing view, super loved it.

I will load my get ready with me on my Youtube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWedfXqaqYwOr5Ws4HDtPzw)

I honestly believe the person who designed the rooms is 100% female or super in touch with their female side. Huge sliding door/mirror/bathroom door situation, is brilliant.

There is a restaurant and a club house, the estate is a golf club as well. Amazing greenery and views for both golfer and non- golfer like….mwa

I took more videos than pictures, so please head on over to my YouTube channel( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWedfXqaqYwOr5Ws4HDtPzw) for the full, Video of this tranquility, spaciousness and amazing hospitality Oilivewoods Estates has on offer.

Thank you for visiting and reading please follow my Youtube page (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWedfXqaqYwOr5Ws4HDtPzw) and this blog. Love and blessings to you :);)

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