Essie – Nail Polish Review – Ballet Slippers

I love doing my nails, what I mean is….. I love painting my nails, I love the process of painting, cutting,cleaning and looking gorgeous after.

I used to go to nail salons, having fresh,popping nails is an instant mood booster. Its more potent than shopping,spending someone else’s money and sleeping !!! When I’m having a bad day I just go and purchase a new colour and its like I’m a painter and my nails are my canvas.

Currently this is my look for the week:

Essie – Ballet Slippers – R 90- R100 – Discherm – 13.5ml

Wow … quiet heavy on the pocket , for 13,5 ml !!! So I got this on special it was a 2 for 3. I got ( Ballet Slippers,Watermelon and blanc (white) . We love specials and all things lighter on our pockets, thank you Dischem !!

This is day 2 and we are alsready,looking crustish. I’m tempted to either put on another layer but I think it give me a more tipexy look and feel

Comments on the Essie, it’s a NO,a fail. Day 2 and it is already looking crusty and fragile. I think I will do another test/review when my nails are shorter as well.

Please note I’m applying nail polish to my natural nail and I don’t do a lot with my hands ( bath/shower washing, I don’t do steam/sauna sessions)

Nail polish does not normally last as long as acrylic or gel, on a natural nail. This is due to the fact that the nail bed produces natural oils that lift the nail polish from your nail bed, but 2 days, is not value for money.

Side note, white nail polish required a lot from me. It is not make-up friendly and its hard to remove the smudges off. Applying additional clear nail polish helps a bit.

Thank you for following,liking my blog. Blessings and Love

This (below pic) is day 6 and I applied one coat yesterday and black strips it’s not showing on the pic. I am surprised, I honestly did not think it would last this long without chipping.

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