Yuppiechef first time online purchase – Glass Tea-pot

I have fallen head over hills with all things decor and tea, since the start of the lock down. We are currently on level 3 lock down here in South Africa and as a means of managing the changes to lifestyle habits due to COVID, I have developed a much more healthier habit of tea drinking.

So, anyway Tea is now one of my favourite past time activities and in the spirit of loving all things decor, I have updated my current porcelain tea set and loving the updated version of your normal porcelain set – the glass tea set!! I think it’s so boogie,classy,sassy and I’m here for all of IT !!!

Its been a struggle finding the above similar set, as a whole set. I have had to curate my own collection and make it work.

I found the tea- cups at @Home and the teapot I got from Yuppiechef. The tea cup and sauce set retails for R69.99 each, at @Home and this I was able to find at our local @Home Store.

Yuppiechef I got 2 teapots. On the online pictures and descriptions, it seemed to me like I’m getting two different sizes.


As you can see the two below tea pots look similar, I can not honestly tell you why the price difference is so huge. The only distinguishable visible feature/ difference between the two, is that the Nigiro, has a larger, thicker handle. I decided to keep the Eerite Glass Teapot, obviously and requested a return collection and refund of the Nigiro. I did this on the 5th of August 2020, I am still waiting for the collection and refund 😦

Eerite 600ml – R199.00 and Nigiro Traditional Teapot – R 589

I loved the Yuppiechef shopping experience. The customer care support was amazing, the only negative is the delay on the refund.

Hope you enjoyed my post and found it informative and fun to read. Blessings and Love …

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