Nailing IT – My Long nails – Journey

Natural nail with gel polish

I have not had long nails in 23 years !! The reason for this gap us.they just refused to grow longer over the years. They would start off nicely and then at some point just give up, zophuke (break – In iXhosa).

Beginning of March 2021, I decided to really work at growing them as part of my self/care feel good habits, I wanted to include it, in my daily routine. The energy levels during this pandemic were extremely low and keeping my vibrations high was a challenge, for me. So this project has been an excellent mood lifter because I feel cute, I look good and feel amazing and gorgeous.

Natural nail with Sally Hansen Nail Polish – Shade – 680 – Rhapsody Red

The journey/project started in March 2021 with short and easy, I love nude natural colours. Nudes and browns are a favourite because they allow me more time to keep the look longer, without stressing about how crusty they look after a 3-4 week stint.

The game changer was moving from store bought nail polish, to using professional gel nail polishes. I bought my UV light kit from Take a lot, it retailed for R795 ( it came with 3 gel polishes and the UV light unit), I buy other colours from our local Planet Nails store, these retail for R40 – R60 each.

The nail look with a normal store bought nail polish would normally last 3-4 days but with the gel nail polish, I get 3-4 weeks !!!! It is without a doubt elevated my nail game to another level. The only concern/worry is what to do with my old store bought nail polishes. Sally Hansen is my fighter, as far as store brands .

This is how long they are now currently and they starting to get in the way a bit . I am bumping them into things, my handwriting has changed a bit and I have learnt new/creative ways of picking stuff up, combing my hair ( I currently have an afro, so its been tricky).

The gel nail polish has worked well these past 6 months but I am planning to give acrylic a go because when I bump into stuff, the nails feel like they need more ‘support, hope that makes sense. So I am thinking of getting that done next month and will blog about how it goes. I have to note as well I have been eating healthier, I cut out alcohol and meat, I believe this has played a part in my nails growing longer and having less breakage.

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