Planner Review – Boss Plus 1 Planner

2021 Planner

I am a huge believer in planning and jotting doing my to do list and setting goals. This habit centres me and gives me structure.

I was introduced to the Boss Plus 1 Planner last year (2021), when one of my favourites YouTubers (Katleho – JustKatleho- please check her YouTube channel and Instagram) recommended it. I quickly ordered it, as it looked good (aesthetically pleasing) and also I loved the different sections/goals options that the planner has. This planner is specifically designed for women and mommies, BossWomen and BossMoms….Love, Love,Love this.

I love these planners as they offer so many sections, that guide you such as:

  • Yearly Goals
  • Health Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Finance Goals
  • Project Goals

It also has for each month a doodle page or Brain Dump, which comes in handy for make notes, scribbles , that you can make in your planner instead of writing them elsewhere.

I appreciate that they have made improvements to the planner. This year’s planner has a mid-year review portion as well as a year-end review. This is so key and my favourite feature because, really it will keeps me accountable. It is very important to not forget to check on ourselves before the year end, before its to late make changes and adjustments, love it !!!

2022 Planner

The planner for 2022 also has a theme covering 4 areas, I have broken down the areas based on what each area means to me:

  • Living – Living my life with defined and clear purpose, defining it and living it. Be intentional in each and everything I spend valuable time on.
  • Working – Create a clear and healthy work, life balance
  • Resting – Taking time to slow down and be still and losing the anxiety in being still
  • Reflect & Edit – Appreciating change as part of growth, expecting change, learning and being accountable

Reasons why I love it and bought it again for 2022

  • The size, it fits snuggly in my bag and is not heavy to carry around . I am able to have it with me with everywhere I go.
  • It looks good, love the black and white theme
  • The brand is owned and the creation of Nhati Makgalemela

Improvements I would love to see :

  • Time slots on the days, of split the day’s into Morning,Midday and Evening
  • A slot for pens, I love everything compact and organised. Currently I slot my pens between the ring binding , it does not look cute but it does the job, for the time being.

The cost of the planner is R549 and there is an option of buying the doodle/notebook/ brain dump for R249. You can order online on

“I am at my BEST when I take care of myself FIRST. This is the year to make YOU, your greatest project yet”

This right here inspired me to really want more for myself and work and focus more on ME and get myself to where I know I am supposed to be.

The wear and tear on the 2021 planner, is not so bad. I dropped it a couple of times but as you can see, it held up very well

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