Writing Retreat

So I decided to attend a writing retreat last year. It was hosted by Khula Dharma (please check my post, last week on my Khula Dharma experience). https://unstafavourites.org/2022/01/08/khula-dharma-writing-retreat/

The facilitator for the writing retreat was Dorian Haarhof. He is a joy to listen to, very patient and you can tell he loves writing and reading. He really took me to a space where I came to understand and connect with my inner writer.

The retreat was a 3 day session, Friday – Sunday. The writing sessions were mixed with creative writing and yoga/breathing sessions.

Below is a piece I worked at the writing session, my first official creative piece :

“The ground is wet from the shower, muddy brown mush, cushioning the leafy soldiers , that cocoon and offer shelter to the infant. Shaded green, leafy ball, flared up like a blooming flower. Baby bump head nested between the shady leaves like a crowning baby ,readying to be born.Soldier leaves nestled around the infant,shielding, protecting it from the bugs and locusts. You can tell it’s been a long and hard fight.The soldiers are battered, scarred out of shape from being eaten by the bugs and other threats to the infant. The infant, making it way into the world, into my favourite dish and into my belly, offering nourishment”

Jonga !!! ( Look – in Xhosa) The above passage, is one of my proudest achievements and creations. I love what I wrote here about a baby cabbage. We were instructed to take a walk around the farm and find a round object and write about it. I was a nervous wreck walking out of that studio, wandering around the farm, it took me forever to even identify round objects around the farm.

Lessons I took from the retreat are, to write in simple words, create pictures through words. Focus on the detail of what you are writing about, picture what you want the reader to see and feel.

Evening fire – Meditation

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