Unstafavourites – 2021 Favourite Reads

Growing up, reading was not on my list of fun things to do and spend my time doing. I recall at high school it was a requirement to read atleast 2 books per term (if my memory serves me well). My library teacher Mrs Dodds (RIP) knew each and every book in her library and this was before the google. She was tough and passing her tests, if you hadn’t read her books was an easy feat.

Lockdown/COVID and maybe a sprinkle of grown-up salt has changed my view of reading and also this new found Writing spirit and journey I’m on. Reading is now part of my soul realignment, activities I enjoy doing and also it truly allows me to live in my mind and go ham.

Robin Sharma’s The 5am Club is one of those books, which are few, where I could not put it down. I read this book in one sitting. It has really changed my views on waking up early, how I use my time in the morning. I was not a morning person until I read this book but now I’m that girl that wakes up at 4am because I want to and my whole entire being wants to and understands why. There are a few other life principles I grew up on and used to practice but never understood why and appreciated the benefits the positive impact the had in my daily life. I reconnected with some of them and also got a better understanding of why they were instilled in me. Over the years I have outgrown them and stopped practicing them, such as setting goals, being intentional about them. ‘ All I desire, with active faith,positivity,expectancy and purposeful conviction is on its way to me. And if that which I wish for does not come, it simply because something even better is on its way. I know this belief to be true’ This is one of many ‘aha’ points from the book that have resonated with me and re-energized me.

I was introduced to this author and this book by a very good friend of mine. When I read the first page(below)…. I was hooked and it attacked and completely captured my curiosity and imagination. I need to know what was going on, so I bought myself my own copy and loved every word. I am also extremely proud the author being a fellow South African female writer and it inspires through my writing journey.

My mind went ….what ??? Husband ??? Body lying so still ?? …. I needed to know

The book is about 4 married couples and their journey navigating themselves around social society clubs,careers and marriage.

I follow Samke Mhlongo on instagram, initially for her sound and informative financial advise. So when she introduced this gem of a book, I did not need convincing on buying and reading this book. I got this over December 2020 holidays and recall being in Durban with my childhood friends and all I could think about, was to just leave them to snuggle with this book.

The book is about 4 friends who meet in varsity and chronicles their lives from when varsity life to them being married women, career women and women that navigate the curves and joys of life. It was quiet an eye opener for me as it covered and shared a lot of cultural practices that I was not aware of. I have learnt so much from this book, I am struggling to find a starting point to share, but I’ll try.

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