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About Me

My name is Unathi ( means with us in Xhosa). I am from a beautiful town in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

I am here because I found the blogging space intriguing. It feels like I have a public diary, where I share some of my favourite things. I love the documentary aspect of it. The idea that in 20 years or more I can always come back to this blog,where ever I am and see my posts. I feel as if i am in a way writing my very own history book.

The name of the blog is Unsta Favourites, it will have a mixture of all things I love. Books,travel,motherhood and more. At the moment I am very much into all these “girlie”, cosmetics and fashion. My dream for this blogging journey, is that it grows, as far as the blogging space allows.

So please follow/subscribe and enjoy 🙂

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