Valentines 2022 – East Cape ShortLeft

Happy Valentines – Taking a break πŸŒŸπŸ”ŠπŸŒŸ

Writing Retreat

So I decided to attend a writing retreat last year. It was hosted by Khula Dharma (please check my post, last week on my Khula Dharma experience). The facilitator for the writing retreat was Dorian Haarhof. He is a joy to listen to, very patient and you can tell he loves writing and reading.Continue reading “Writing Retreat”

Planner Review – Boss Plus 1 Planner

I am a huge believer in planning and jotting doing my to do list and setting goals. This habit centres me and gives me structure. I was introduced to the Boss Plus 1 Planner last year (2021), when one of my favourites YouTubers (Katleho – JustKatleho- please check her YouTube channel and Instagram) recommended it.Continue reading “Planner Review – Boss Plus 1 Planner”

Nailing IT – My Long nails – Journey

I have not had long nails in 23 years !! The reason for this gap us.they just refused to grow longer over the years. They would start off nicely and then at some point just give up, zophuke (break – In iXhosa). Beginning of March 2021, I decided to really work at growing them asContinue reading “Nailing IT – My Long nails – Journey”