Studio – Updated Creative Space

Creating this space has fun and this is where I create more the blogs I post, its also a space where I can just be me and focus on writing things that feed my soul and spirit. It is so easy to lose yourself to other things and finding the time and creating a spaceContinue reading “Studio – Updated Creative Space”

Nailing IT – My Long nails – Journey

I have not had long nails in 23 years !! The reason for this gap us.they just refused to grow longer over the years. They would start off nicely and then at some point just give up, zophuke (break – In iXhosa). Beginning of March 2021, I decided to really work at growing them asContinue reading “Nailing IT – My Long nails – Journey”

Khula Dharma – Writing Retreat

Welcome to 2022 !!! I thought I should start off the year with this specific blog/review because it is my first post after the writing retreat that I attended, at Khula Dharma. I am still learning and working on my writing skills. The blogging journey, that I started 4 years ago, is a serious pathContinue reading “Khula Dharma – Writing Retreat”

Estee Lauder – Double Wear – Stay In Place Foundation

My goodness March 2018 !! This month is proving to be a very challenging month. This is my first blog for the month !!! That’s how hectic it, has been. I just got a boost of inspiration tonight and here I am. So I am on a make-up wearing daily, journey. I have been usingContinue reading “Estee Lauder – Double Wear – Stay In Place Foundation”