My 4 favourite items – Valentines Week 2018

Valentines 2018 has been so much fun. I rarely celebrate the day but this year, I could not run away from the festivities. My favourite items from this week are: This orange nail polish I got from Discherm as a bargain price of R10 !!!! I got two I love,love bargains. Its called Passion NailContinue reading “My 4 favourite items – Valentines Week 2018”

First time online purchase – Ali Express

The year 2017 was a year of new things, new experiences, online purchases was one of those.  I placed an order through Ali Express, purchased a wig. It has been a long drawn experience, below is the wig ordered. I ordered from a supplier called Dream Beauty, from Ali Express. I placed the order onContinue reading “First time online purchase – Ali Express”

Last day of January 2018 & Birthday Month

WOW i can not believe this month is finally over. Its been a very long stretch. Ok successes for the month: Finally collected my daughters unabridged certificate, its been a 11 month long wait I am a half way through book 1 of 12 ….. tjo its a struggle i wont lie, after work IContinue reading “Last day of January 2018 & Birthday Month”